I have done things


Javascript, Backbone, Marionette, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Java with Android SDK, Titanium Appcellerator, PostgresSQL, MYSQL, Illustrator, Photoshop, Balsamiq, Git, SVN


Founding Engineer

Minerva Project (August 2012-present)

Full Stack Web + Mobile Engineer

Second Glass (February 2010-June 2012)

Designed, built and supported a mobile app on both Android and iPhone platforms in four week development cycles. Created and maintained a supporting site on a Django web platform with PostgresSQL backend. Acquired 10,000 users who generated 50,000 ratings of wines. Had over 6,000 Android and iPhone app downloads.

Designed and built a proprietary event ticketing and admissions platform in HTML5 and JQuery in a three-week span. The platform was used both to manage online ticket sales and day-of-event attendee entry. Processed 7,000 tickets amounting to $250k in revenue in 2011. Ran front of house at 1000+ person events all around the country.

First paid employee of Second Glass. Interviewed and hired tech team job applicants.

Cofounder, Developer

livewith.us (September 2008- September 2010)

Changed the eating habits of my own household using a web app. Increased instances of meal sharing among my housemates from less than once a week to three times a week.

Built up a beta product that served over 20 households, 80 users, and tracked more than $200k in household transactions.

Taught myself web programming in Python in under a month, first in Google App Engine, then on Django.

Mechanical Engineer, Roboticist

Artaic, Innovative Mosaic (June 2009- February 2010)

Programmed a ROBOT to manufacture custom mosaics. Yes.

Reduced build time of custom, robotically manufactured mosaics by 60% through modeling, workflow optimization, and componentry improvements.

Improved the quality of tiles being used to build mosaics by drastically reducing the numbers of chipped and broken tiles entering the system using video sensing and processing on the Cognex software platform.

Installed mosaics including a 450 square foot, custom mosaic made from 10mm tiles in over 60 colors.


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering (May 2008)

Relevant Coursework: Software Design, User Oriented Collaborative Design, Principles of Engineering, Product Design and Development, Sustainable Design, Mechanical Design, Design for Manufacture

Emphasis on User Centered Design